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"What I enjoy most about Chegg Xcuses is that the excuses come in all shapes and sizes," says Andrew Cucumber, an undergraduate student at Pickle University in Kosher, Michigan. "I’m working on my.

Coquitlam RCMP are warning drivers not to get creative with their excuses when pulled over for risky driving, after one speeder was caught.

National Burrito Day is tomorrow, but burritos are a food to be celebrated on any date. These variations, however, are a rather exciting spin on a beloved classic. Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant, located.

10 Funny excuses for not texting back. Have you ever just not felt like replying to a text, or simply forgotten to do it? Well, even if you just got bored of the conversation, and you don’t want to tell your friend that, so here are ten novel excuses for not replying to a text.

Other common excuses used by students to explain the non-completion of their assignments were found to be emergencies, injuries, and lack of time, while some creative students listed excuses like.

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If you're an educator, you've undboubtedly heard your fair share of excuses from students who don't have their assigned homework with them,

Here is my list of excuses in case you’re in need of any creative excuses for whatever is going on in your life: "What are you doing?" Getting fitted for my new spandex superhero uniform. Washing my hair. My dog advised against leaving the house. (Even funnier if you don’t have a dog) I have a court hearing for stealing from the cookie jar.

This medical excuse note states that you have been seen at the doctor’s clinic given medical grounds. It also comes up with a space for notes where the doctor will discuss your specific situation justifying the request for leave. You may also see School Excuse Note Templates Blank Doctors Excuse Template

The firearms fanboys have been more creative than usual, scrambling to defend their precious weapons in the wake of the massacre in Santa.

All candidates must participate in televised games, including Risk, Settlers of Catan and Mass Effect, to demonstrate.