Foreigners get a piece of the real estate pie

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 · California sales deeds don’t require a buyer or seller to disclose citizenship or residency status. So analysts rely on rough proxies for foreign ownership. The house the Rothenbergs tried to buy is a good example. You can verify that the transaction was all cash, which is a good flag for a foreign buyer.

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 · U.S. real estate purchases by foreign nationals over a recent 12-month period totaled $92 billion. The negative impact of foreign investments in American residential real estate.

Unlike many countries that only allow land sales to those with citizenship in the country, the United States treats sales of real estate to foreigners almost the same as sales to citizens. The only limitations are usually imposed by homeowners associations, condominium associations, cooperatives, or other forms of community associations.

Although it is clear from our laws that foreigners are not allowed to own land and their ownership of other forms of real estate properties is limited, these rules are subject to certain limitations. Foreigners may acquire and buy real estate property in the Philippines under the following conditions:

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 · According to Grand View Research, the real estate industry will reach $4.26 trillion by 2025. These unicorns are not fighting over a piece of the real estate pie: I believe they made the pie grow.

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And there is literally no end in sight — the real estate market is big enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie. That’s one of the reasons that I came up with this system. I wanted to help more people out there, but let’s face it, I’m just one guy.

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