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If you and another person / other people purchase a property together without clearly determining how big each person’s share is, the arrangement is known as a joint tenancy. If, however, you each.

A planned unit development (PUD) HOA is responsible for ensuring compliance with the CC&Rs of the PUD and upkeep of any common areas in the PUD.. Whats the difference between a condo and an.

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Optum is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group Inc. Microsoft. regarding Freddie Mac’s Condominium Project and PUD Insurance requirement changes. The changes prohibit mortgages secured by units in.

Intro. When you’re shopping for a home, you’ll encounter many property types along the way, and even the standard property types like single-family homes, condos, and planned unit developments (PUDs) have small but important differences.To most home shoppers, a PUD will appear like a single-family home.

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I would appreciate some clarification on how you determine the difference between a condo and a PUD for Fannie Mae purposes. I have attached the Fannie Mae definitions from the 2007 Sellers Guide for both condos and PUDs and the definitions of both from GMAC’s underwriting manual.

PUD vs. Condo, what’s the difference? If you are in the real estate business you may have heard the terms PUD and Condo, but if you’re not in the business then these words are probably foreign to you.

Condo conversions occur when apartments and other single-family. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to obtain mortgage loans on condominium conversions due to guidelines lenders follow when.

PUD vs. Condominium. by Reed Colwick on June 2, 2011. Did you know there are differences between these two that could potentially make one un-financeable in today’s economy? First, what is a PUD? PUD stands for a Planned Unit Development. This type of development is used to describe a.

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