The Great Chain of Being

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The great chain of being The great chain (chain) of being (of being) The great chain (chain) of being (of being) The great chain (chain) of being (of being) I usurp the precious stones I have come to take the throne I transcend the natural flesh I will lay your god to rest The great chain of being Will be un-linked to start again The great.

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Worldview: The Great Chain of Being. Page 1. In studying history, it is important to ask about what world-view the people took so much for granted that they.

The Great Chain of Being: a powerful visual metaphor for a divinely inspired universal hierarchy ranking all forms of higher and lower life; humans are represented by the male alone. From Didacus Valades, Rhetorica Christiana (1579). Reproduced here from Anthony Fletcher’s Gender, Sex, & Subordination.

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Note: Special thanks to Dr. Elizabeth M. Willingham for pointing out my earlier misattribution concerning the Summa Theologica and in providing additional references concerning medieval angelology. For more information, students should consult E. M. W. Tillyard’s The Elizabethan World Picture and A. O. Lovejoy’s The Great Chain of Being.

Staring Down the Great Chain of Being. 1981, ink on paper, 11 x 14 in. The Imp of Inspiration. Visit: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. 46 deer hill Rd Wappinger, NY .

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The predominant colonial theory of race was the great chain of being, the idea that human races could be lined up from most superior to most.

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Psychology Definition of GREAT CHAIN OF BEING: Attributed to Plato. Seeing creation as a continuously linked hierarchy from God through.